affordable stage lighting south africa

In 2010, Electrosonic SA decided to answer the needs of the Southern African Lighting industry and provide a cost effective, yet quality entry to mid-level LED lighting solution to add to its premier product offering. After doing a lot of research we realized the way to go was to source quality LED based lighting products from the East and then to create a brand that identified with the values of Electrosonic SA. An initial trip was made to the Shenzhen province in China and relationships were fostered with manufacturers which still stand strong today. The name VERSA-LIGHT was born and is firmly established as a trustworthy brand in the South African staging, installation and event industry.

Backed by a full 1 year warranty the Versa-Light Range of products have the same 24hour service that is the norm from the Electrosonic SA team. A full complement of spare parts and exchange units are available as well a large amount of stock on the shelves. This level of commitment is one of the great advantages of the Versa-Light range of products. The range is ever changing and adapts to new trends and the needs of both our customers and the innovation of the manufacturers. Regular Trips by Electrosonic SA to the East to engage with suppliers ensures a constant flow of quality and insight into new trends. From small venues, to clubs, to churches to rental house and architectural lighting, there is a Versa-Light led product for just about any budget or application.